1739 – Suck In, Blow Out

Suck In, Blow Out
Ahh, the dangers of huffing leaves. You need a new bag, bro.

Vacuum Nozzle

I bet I’d like it better
with a vacuum for a nose;
if, so to speak, replaced my beak
with suction powered hose.

Humongous, hefty honker:
think of all that I could smell!
A giant sniff to catch a whiff
wherever odors dwell.

How helpful, handy-dandy
having super-duper snores!
With any luck, its extra suck
could help me finish chores!

A noodle of a nostril,
I could use it every day,
with loud reports from power snorts
to hear me far away…

A trunk, a tool, a trumpet –
all improvements, I suppose,
but do beware the blasting air
erupting when it blows!