1525 – Bustin’ Out

Bustin' Out
Congratulations to all of the graduates of Class of 2015!

It’s Summertime!

It’s time for bustin’ out of here!
We’ve struggled through another year!
And now, at long, long last, it’s here:
It’s summertime! It’s summertime!

Can you believe the year is done?
In autumn starts another one,
but not before these months of fun:
It’s summertime! It’s summertime!

A holiday for me and you
when school is over, done, and through
and teacher needs vacation too.
It’s summertime! It’s summertime!

Our brains are full. Our noggins ache
but finally it’s time to take
that long, relaxing, restful break!
It’s summertime! It’s summertime!

And with that, year 5 of Lunchbox Doodles is complete! Still no end in site for the project, but I’m looking forward to a summer hiatus to recharge my brain and to focus on other illustration work.

Thanks for all who have visited during the year and who have shared the doodles and poems. My boys and I thank you all!