1355 – Dinocake

Jurassic Park… MacArthur Park…
Whatever. Just hope it doesn’t rain.

Fat and Happy

They whisper things. They point. They peek.
But truly, I don’t care:
I’m glad the form of my physique
is roughly like a pear.

It’s funny; they’re so indiscreet
when they discuss my size.
Of course I’m fat! I overeat
and never exercise!

It’s not the way I wish to live,
avoiding pies and cake:
those extra calories that give
my booty ample shake!

It’s their conclusion I could stand
to lose a pound or three.
But one opinion matters, and
is what I think of me.

Someday, perhaps, I’ll slenderize,
but that won’t be today.
I celebrate my thunder thighs!
I’m happiest this way!

I say my beauty lies without
as much as it’s within
I’m proudly plump and loudly shout,
“I love this shape I’m in!”

Thursdays are Dinosaur Days!

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