1722 – Updraft

Upside to being a bird: no need for hair dryers.

Hold On

The wind may gust. The wind may blow.
The wind may toss you to and fro.
Hold on, my child, and do not cry.
The wind is not as strong as I.

The waves may roll. The waves may crash.
The waves may swell before they splash.
Hold on, my child, and hold me tight.
The waves can never match my might.

The sun may glow. The sun may blaze.
The sun may cast relentless rays.
Hold on, my child. Be not afraid.
The sun can not defeat my shade.

The flames may roar. The flames may burn.
The flames may roast, and broil and churn.
Hold on, my child, for when you do
The flames will never bother you.

And when you’re old, and when you’re grown
With children of your very own,
Hold on, my child. Hold tight and fast.
Make every little moment last.