1465 – Ducks in the Bed

Ducks in the Bed
Let sleeping ducks lay. But not lay eggs. Because messy bed.

Ducks in the Bed

Winona awoke from her dreaming with dread
to find she had too many ducks in her bed.
Well, even one duck in the bed was absurd,
but half of her blankets were covered with bird.

She wondered, Winona, why she had the luck
to wake unexpectedly covered with duck.
Completely confused as to why’d they appear,
she asked, “Um, excuse me, but why are you here?”

A leader among them spoke up and said, “Dear,
You know we fly south in the winter each year,”
then quacked in a voice that was grumbly and gruff,
“We think that your bedroom is southward enough.”

“We typically stay by the river,” it said,
“But this year, we’re spending the winter in bed.”
And that’s when Winona, with glumness and gloom,
was kicked out the door by the ducks in her room.

And so she abandoned her bedroom and fled
to sleep by the banks of the river instead.
And nightly, all winter, she tossed and she turned
impatiently waiting ’til spring had returned.

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Author: Samuel Kent

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