#795 – Biggole Syrup

Biggole Syrup
And it seemed like such a good idea at the time.

More Sugar!

Forget the veggies and the meat…
When we want food that’s good to eat
then stuff us full of something sweet.
We only want more sugar!

We gobble candies day and night
and slurp the sodas out of sight.
We never spoil our appetite.
We only want more sugar!

Another pie, another cake—
we’ll munch ’em fast as you can bake!
(Who cares about the bellyache?)
We only want more sugar!

We eat until we’ve had our fill,
for sugar cures our every ill,
so disregard that dentist’s bill.
We only want more sugar!

Author: Samuel Kent

I'm a dad who wants to share his labor of love with the world. I also happen to be an award-winning artist and poet. Follow the lunchbox doodles and poems on twitter: @LunchboxDoodler!

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