1490 – The Bird’s Nest

The Bird's Nest
Stay! Staaaaaay! Staaaaaaaaaaaay!

The Bird’s Nest

A mamma bird believed that it was best
to find a fine location for her nest.
She searched the shrubs, and trees, and bushes, but
She settled on a soundly sleeping mutt.

She built a nest with tender loving care,
and all the while, the mutt was unaware
of something that was totally absurd:
that he’d become the home to mother bird.

He stirred from slumber and to his surprise,
a nest of eggs was there before his eyes.
He pondered what exactly he should do
about the tiny, resting eggs, and knew:

He shouldn’t rise, or bark, or twitch, or scratch,
but wait impatiently for them to hatch.
And now without a motion, softly sleeps
and dreams of sounds of hatching, waking peeps.