#720 – Froggie and Gator

Froggie and Gator
Winner, winner, gator dinner!

Froggie and Gator

A froggie was swimmin’ cross lake Idaknow
From this shore to that shore a-to and a-fro
And when it had paddled an hour or more
It cried and it sighed “I’m so tired and sore”.

Just then a green ‘gator slinked up by his side
and said to the froggie, “I’ll give you a ride.”
So up hopped the froggie, who smiled with delight,
then swallowed that gator with one giant bite.

You thought that the gator would quickly attack
the moment the froggie hopped onto its back?
That’s not how it happens on lake Idaknow
when froggies go swimmin’ a-to and a-fro.