#751 – Droppin’ Peels

Droppin' Peels
And this is yet another reason why monkeys and hippos aren’t typically friends.

Bananas on my Head

Don’t put bananas in my ear.
Please, put them somewhere else than here.
The bananas would be great
served with ice cream on a plate,
but don’t but bananas in my ear.

Don’t put bananas on my face.
Please, put them in some other place.
The bananas would taste sweet
sliced on bowls of shredded wheat,
but don’t but bananas on my face.

Don’t put bananas up my nose.
Find someplace else for them to goes.
The bananas taste supreme
in a pie that’s topped with cream,
but don’t but bananas up my nose.

Don’t put bananas on my head.
Please put them somewhere else instead.
Take a look and you will find
that I’ve plenty on my mind
without your bananas on my head.