1230 – The Bacon Taunt

The Bacon Taunt
Fact: you do not need a license to fish for dogs: only bacon.

Bring on the Bacon

I was built for eating bacon:
that tremendous, tasty treat.
I’ve a greedy need for feeding
on that salty, scrumptious meat.

Its ambrosial, fine aroma!
Its invigorating crunch!
How it frizzles, pops, and sizzles!
How I dream all day to munch!

I’d inhale a hundred slices
then I’d nibble ninety more.
I presume I could consume it
till my guts are gorged and sore.

I could savor all its flavor,
or just gobble it right up.
How unfair, you never share it
with this poor, pathetic pup.

This is a poem I’ve written for the Think, Kid, Think March Madness competition going on right now. I’m currently engaged in an “elite eight” level match with Victoria Warneck, an exceptionally talented poet from Massachusetts. You can see our round here and vote for your favorite poem in the match. (Voting closes at 9:30 P.M. on Tuesday, April 1st.)

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