1611 – The Clumsy Helper

The Clumsy Helper
And this is why we use paper plates.

When I Did the Dishes

Momma said her greatest wish is,
“Someone else to do the dishes.”
She accepted with resistance
when I offered my assistance.
I’ve a history of breaking
pots for cooking, pans for baking
but despite her intuition,
Momma granted me permission
for my help was sorely needed.

“Please be careful,” Momma pleaded.

So I demonstrated caution
while commencing with the washin’
giving each a sturdy gripping
to prevent the plates from slipping.

When I finished them completely –
having dried and stacked them neatly –
I felt smart, and proud, and able
as they toppled toward the table
breaking every plate and platter.
Oh, the cataclysmic clatter!

Now, because I tried to pitch in,
I’ve been banished from the kitchen.