1221 – The Pizza Rain

The Pizza Rain
This is the best. weather. ever.

The Pizza Rain

It started raining pizza
on the first of last July.
The sky went black, a thunder crack,
then plunging plops of pie.

A deluge of delicious
was the frightful pizza storm.
The skies were full of slices
falling fast and fresh and warm.

Monsoons of mozzarella,
pepperoni, ham, and cheese!
And shortly floods of pizza flowed
in currents to our knees.

We never stopped to wonder
why the skies bestowed a treat.
It was the finest weather that
we’ve ever had to eat.

Thursdays are dog days! Special mention goes out to the folks at Landini’s Pizzaria. They asked me about using a doodle on their facebook page, and it inspired this poem and doodle. If I ever get out to San Diego, save me a slice, y’all!