1364 – Catdogs

Catdogs I could handle. Cowdogs… different story.

My Dog the Thief

My dog’s at best a pesky pest.
It seems his stomach’s smitten.
He always steals the meaty meals
I like to give the kitten.

I try to feed him what he needs:
a bowl of boring kibble.
He turns his nose for he’s opposed
to nosh another nibble.

But he’ll combat the kitty cat
to dine upon her dinner.
He’s growing plump, the greedy grump,
while she keeps getting thinner.

How wrong and rude, to steal her food,
and isn’t it a pity,
for if he thieves what she receives,
there’s nothing left for kitty.

But if they share that feline fare
no thievery’s occurring,
and as he eats the kitten’s treats
you won’t believe his purring.

Thursdays are kitty days! (And sortof dog days too…)

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