#95 – The New Girl

The New Girl
Strange looking, yes, and she really stinks.

Another inspired by a poem.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever drawn a cow.

Andrew is still out of school until next Tuesday, but I’m glad I’ve taken the opportunities to draw during his break.

The original poem is entitled “Elegant Stella McGella”:

Stella McGella with elegant hair…
giving her mirror another long stare
Ties it in ribbons and brushes it big.
Everyone knows that she’s wearing a wig.

Stella McGella with elegant clothes…
wears fifteen dresses a day, I suppose.
Always so fancy wherever she goes.
Everyone sees that her underwear shows.

Stella McGella with elegant shoes…
Rows upon rows, so which pair will she choose?
See how they shine when she steps or she skips?
Everyone’s hoping and wishing she trips.