#13 – Pogo Stick Dragon

Insanely Happy Pogo Stick Dragon
Boing! Boing! WHEEE!

Full title: “Insanely Happy Pogo Stick Dragon”

I like the hills on this one.  I spent a lot of time on it though; upwards of twenty minutes.

This is crazy:  About a minute after I uploaded this, I put a link on twitter through my UncleSamKent account. Within seconds of doing that, I had a new follower.  Typically when I get a follower this fast, it’s a robot.  That turned out to be the case on this one too, but oddly enough I was robo-followed by someone looking for posters of the phrase “Pogo Stick.”

Within another minute, I was followed again.  Boy, was I ever surprised when I saw that it was another twitter robot following users of the phrase “Pogo Stick.”

That means that there are not one, but no less than two pogo stick robots on twitter.