#906 – Star Destroyer

Star Destroyer
Smash, smash, smash those pesky stars!

Pinching Out the Stars

We’re spending all our nights
exterminating lights.
We know it sounds bizarre…
we’re pinching out the stars.

Some use the stars to wish,
but we prefer to squish.
Each tiny, distant sun…
we squash them one by one.

We may not ever know
how many star lights glow
but once they’re all a blur
we’ll know how few there were.

We’re darkening the sky
so tell the stars good-bye,
or come with us tonight
and help pinch out their light.

Author: Samuel Kent

I'm a dad who wants to share his labor of love with the world. I also happen to be an award-winning artist and poet. Follow the lunchbox doodles and poems on twitter: @LunchboxDoodler!

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