#252 — Snakes on a Bicycle

Snakes on a Bicycle
I’m disappointed that there weren’t eough helmets to go around.

This morning, I sat down to draw and said “I want to draw a bicycle.  And I want to draw something completely impractical on that bicycle.  Like a snake.  No, wait, several snakes.”

I like what came out.  The concept somehow reminds me of a skit that Demetri Martin does on his show Important Things where he tries to introduce new phrases into the cultural lexicon.  I can see him introducing the term “Snakes on a Bicycle” into the mainstream meaning “ridiculously impractical”.

Also, I think this is the first time I’ve ever drawn snakes.

Author: Samuel Kent

I'm a dad who wants to share his labor of love with the world. I also happen to be an award-winning artist and poet. Follow the lunchbox doodles and poems on twitter: @LunchboxDoodler!

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