1484 – Slam, Blaze, Slam!

Slam, Blaze, Slam
Never underestimate the power of the dragon!

Tall vs. Small

He said, “I think you’ll never be
as good at basketball as me,
because I am so very tall,
but you, my friend, are extra small.”

And it would seem that he’d be right
that he’d do well with all that height
and me, because I’m so darn short
am not the basketball-ish sort.

But Mister Tall did not expect
my answer to his disrespect:
A double-backflip alley-oop
to slam the ball into the hoop!

And while he stood in shocked surprise,
I said, “Don’t judge me by my size.
I may be half your height, it’s true,
but practice twice as much as you.”