#38 — I’m Just a Worm

I'm Just a Worm
Don’t take the bait, kid!

Andrew was sick again this morning, but I put out another doodle.  I’m pleased with the pointillism on the trees.  It took longer to do that but I like how they came out.

This is inspired by a poem I wrote entitled “I’m a Worm“:

I’m a worm and I live underground.
I’m long, and I’m slimy and round.

I was born without eyes, or an ear
You can’t tell my front from my rear.

You may get a quite a fright from one sight,
but being a worm’s a delight!

While you may munch cake for dessert,
I’d rather be dining on dirt.

I excavate, dig and I bore.
(Right now, ‘neath your feet, I explore.)

Anytime that the rain starts to flood
I crawl up to dance in the mud.

How I certainly, totally hate
you nabbed me to use me for bait.