Lunchbox Doodles

It all began when…

On his first day of kindergarten, I took a blank 3 x 5 index card and scratched out a doodle to put in my oldest son Andrew’s lunchbox. I drew another the next day, and the next, and continued doing this through kindergarten, first, second, and third grades! Go see the latest doodle!

When my second son entered school, I started creating a doodle for both every Monday through Friday, and also wrote Andrew a cute or funny poem. After My ex wife and I divorced, the doodles became about a way to stay connected with my sons daily, and all three boys began to receive a doodle. Now in its fifth year, while the boys are sharing a doodle and poem between them, I’ve still never missed a single day through sicknesses, work, or other personal drama. Showing my boys this daily love has been my highest priority.

Andrew (9) and Toph (7) have both asked me to “keep doodling forever.” Between them and their youngest brother Xander (4), I see no end to lunchbox doodles any time soon. I cherish this labor of love and have reaped the benefits many times over in the form of praise and new friends.

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