1560 – Leaning Tower of Pizza

Leaning Tower of Pizza
This is a very Zen pizza. Because it’s balanced. I will not make a “one with everything” joke.

A Pizza with Everything

There’s nothing you can’t put on pizza:
ingredients stacked to the sky.
There’s cheeses and meats and all kinds of good eats
and veggies a hundred feet high.

It all tastes much better on pizza.
Yes, even the foods that I hate –
asparagus, broccoli, anchovies, peas –
when served up and sliced into eight.

I want so much more on my pizza:
pretend things like ghosts or an elf.
Impossible toppings too hard to explain:
like, even a slice of itself.

But why not put MORE on a pizza?
A pizza with EVERY last thing?
Some rivers, a mountain, an ocean or two,
I’ll gobble whatever you bring.

And still there’s more room on the pizza:
Some planets and stars would be nice.
Or heck, you could heap the whole universe on.
Oh my, what a mighty big slice!

Author: Samuel Kent

I'm a dad who wants to share his labor of love with the world. I also happen to be an award-winning artist and poet. Follow the lunchbox doodles and poems on twitter: @LunchboxDoodler!

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