#255 – How to Feed Your Elephant

How to Feed Your Elephant
Step 1: aquire an elephant and a robot.

I tried drawing this one yesterday and failed miserably.  Until Thursday, I have the luxury of not having to do a doodle every morning.  As of Thursday, first grade starts for Andrew and I will be back in the daily doodle saddle.  So I attempted it again today and I like the result.

I like that not only can Cecilia (who s supposed to be 5-years-old) build robots, but that she owns her own pygmy elephant.  I’m considering writing a series of books around Cecilia, so I need to remember this.  Why would I consider this?  In my opinion, there aren’t enough books out there targeting girl readers that also contain robots.  Speaking as a male engineer, there need to be more women in the field.

As a curious note, this is the first time I’ve used photoshop for hue correction on a doodle.  This one came out so blue on the original that it looked totally awful.  I really need to consider getting a scanner.   Someone want to buy me one?

Author: Samuel Kent

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