1508 – Electric Hug

Electric Hug
Shocking, isn’t it?

Leave the Grumps Alone

Provoke and poke a killer whale,
and pull and tug a tiger’s tail,
or pester some unpleasant snail,
but leave the grumps alone.

Go aggravate an angry ant.
Torment and taunt an elephant.
Insult a people-eating plant,
but leave the grumps alone.

Offend a raging dinosaur.
Feel free to bug a beastly boar,
or make an alligator sore,
but leave the grumps alone.

The grumps are meaner than you know.
They’re terrible from head to toe,
and when they bite they don’t let go,
so leave the grumps alone.

Author: Samuel Kent

I'm a dad who wants to share his labor of love with the world. I also happen to be an award-winning artist and poet. Follow the lunchbox doodles and poems on twitter: @LunchboxDoodler!

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