1707 – Both Looking Up

Both Looking Up
So close you could reach up and touch it.


I’m glad to know when we’re apart
we’re sewn together heart-to-heart
and even if I cannot see
I feel you’re here inside with me.

A magic thread from you to me
connects our hearts so we can be
in touch at any time of day
no matter near nor far away.

For through the string – when you begin
to feel your pounding heart within –
the beat you feel is also mine
reminding you that all is fine.

If all alone, no need to fear.
The beat repeats, “I’m here. I’m here.”
It’s there when you feel bad or blue.
“You’re loved! You’re loved!” it chants to you.

Our love, it finds a magic way
to keep us closer every day.
It makes me happy, makes me cheer
to know that in my heart, you’re here.