1361 – Messy Little Booger

Messy Little Booger
Please. Just. Don’t.

Peter the Picker

When he thought no one was looking,
Peter chose to pick his snout.
Did some digging, did some hooking
then he pulled a booger out.

The horrendous greasy creature
turned his finger ghastly green.
And the students and the teacher
saw the whole horrific thing.

Pete had thoroughly been busted
with his finger flecked with goo.
Everybody was disgusted
as they wondered what he’d do:

“Will he flick his nasty picking?”
“Will he wipe it on his seat?”
“Will he give his lips a licking
and decide it’s time to eat?”

Peter Picker, booger plucker,
shamed and blushing, swiftly chose
to return the slimy sucker
to its place inside his nose.

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