1227 – The Big Writer

The Big Writer
With great pencils come great responsibility.

The Test

My teacher gave our class a test:
the toughest one she’s given yet.
She urged us all to do our best,
but all I did was squirm and fret.

It only had one question there.
The answer, though, I didn’t know.
I worried, sweat, and pulled my hair
and muttered to myself, “oh no.”

I thought and thought and frowned a frown
but as I sat, no answers came.
The only thing I’d written down
was where it said to write my name.

The kids that sit around my chair
had turned theirs in when they were done,
but still my test was laying there,
no answer yet for question one.

I scratched my head and rubbed my chin,
until an answer came to me.
I wrote it down and turned it in.
I sure hope two plus two is three.